Can you really "Beat the House" in Roulette?

In this TreeMovies Topical episode, I explore whether so called gambling “methods” (the martingale/ reverse martingale are used here) work on a roulette wheel and use maths to evaluate the odds one has with them. Note: I did not spend a single penny making this video, please do not do[…]

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Freebet BlackJack plus BIG WIN!! $500 to Thousands!!

How To Play Blackjack: Welcome to The Double Down Room! This is an instructional video on how to play FREEBET blackjack at the casino. A very popular twist on the traditional game of blackjack! We go through all the ins and outs of FREEBET BLACJACK including free splitting and free[…]

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$100,000 CRAZY BLACKJACK – Huge Double – E.175

Insane Bets. Huge Swings – Big Blackjack Bets and Doubles. – Follow us on twitch to play with us LIVE Purchase your Blackjack Strategy Reference Card (Plastic) Mr Blackjack – Brand Ambassador for OGCOM h Giving players the edge needed when playing. 0:01 Teaser 0:11 Mr Blackjack Intro 0:51 Blackjack[…]

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Super Nice Free Spins!! Big Win From The Green Knight Slot!!

Check out the Jarttu84 website for previews, reviews, information, and exclusive casino bonuses! Remember to join the community for talking slots, sharing stories, and big casino win pictures, sports betting tips, or, anything that comes to your mind. 🙂 Join the ongoing giveaways! Also, If you get a big casino[…]

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