How To Win BlackJack

four Inquiries Just before Forming a Blackjack Team

With above fifteen several years knowledge counting cards and managing blackjack groups, Colin shares his insights on what issues to be asking prior to forming or joining a blackjack group of your possess.

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  1. your's and francesco's teams were different right? you had people playing by themselves all over country and his was playing together, spotters, big player etc, etc?

  2. Can I email you I'm 18 and still learning

  3. Colin, are you planing to make another team or just teaching people and selling memberships to your website?

    After your answer i would like to get in touch with you privately. Cheers!

  4. Saludos desde Méxicoo, question, how do i know the time to back off the table if the count is negative? Gracias 🤙🏼


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