How To Win BlackJack

Taking part in Blackjack with Fibonacci

I have learned a lot about each of the betting units I have put to the exam so far. I are not able to nevertheless say that there is conclusive proof for or against any particular process. Nonetheless, I have attained considerably perception into the mechanics and weaknesses of each process.

The Fibonacci betting process can be specially perplexing when used to Blackjack. This is for the reason that of the potential for non-linear wins and losses in Blackjack because of to splits, double-downs and Blackjack bonus pays. The true issue is dealing with a number of losses from splits and double-downs when applying Fibonacci. Right after some use situations, I figured out how to offer with these a number of losses and keep the integrity of the intent of the Fibonacci process.



  1. I had this same idea!! Never worked it out though lol, pretty cool!

  2. Great videos, I just came across your channel.

  3. So my main questions would be what r the odds of splitting 8s without busting vs making hands on both win percentage. I split them always but dont bust them which I think is the wrong play but is it a veey small percentage or a large one. The whole 9s vs a nine as well with the same idea bust vs non bust.

  4. I gave a thumbs up for such a clear explanation. I think any1 willing to give u attention will learn something. I think u do need to sit down an really figure out how to cut the time down of reexplaining things to get more subscribers. For example skipping taking back the bets just continue to a higher loss rather then showing the losses again. Had to watch as I daytrade an love blackjack as a system has to be out there non counting that beats it. Great job again for explaining a complicated betting stategy maybe Ill share mine with u. I will say always increase after wins an lessen on losses is the only way to win big or loose less.

  5. in fibonacci gambling you reset when you win a hand.. you doing it wrong

  6. This has got to be the dumbest shit I've ever seen.
    Great way to lose all your money


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