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Mistress of Egypt slot equipment, reward

Finally received a reward on this game!
Colusa On line casino / IGT
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Important: Most videos are “Double, Bonus or Goose” (DBG). It is stay play, at times with useless and tiny spins edited out. Session finishes when I get a reward, I double the unique stake, or The Goose exhibits up. An Hourglass suggests when spins have been edited out to shorten the video. “Whadayaknow” is a reward in the 1st by way of 3rd spin.

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  1. If you would of played with $3.00 on the cat… pyramid… you could of won $150.00.. I got that too… good machine.. bonus is a dream…

  2. Thanks Mr. Random for your Reno suggestions! We will definitely try those places. And we will definitely try this game if we see it… even though it's tough LOL. Hopefully we will keep an eye on our credits and not just the pretty pyramids LOL.

  3. Well, Random, since my viewing of this game was just interrupted by a "Plagiarism Alert" on Money to Burn,  I'll just give you a generic comment here instead of looking for a meaningful one.  LOL.  "Sorry you wasted so much money playing so many sessions on this game, Random.  I'd have thought you'd have won a hand-pay by now. "  Do you like that better? ; )


  5. Imagine 75 free spins of this game. Even with a few dead spins like your 10th you could win at least $300 on a minimum bet. Of course, good luck getting 5 Scatters. Probably easier to get hundreds of free spins in Mayan Chief or China Shores.

  6. WOW! Mr. Random, you played this game so many times before! Glad this one gave you a bonus. Before I found out of your other tries, thought, what a nice game! But now, its a tough game, you just got lucky, and I. my self, would not go back and keep trying this game. As it was, found out, you only get ten bonus spins, and no re-triggers! So, I guess you did quite well, just on this try!


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