How To Win BlackJack

Strategies for Blackjack : Suggestions on Card Counting for Blackjack

Master additional guidelines and facts about Hello Minimal Card Counting methods though actively playing Blackjack in this free of charge tutorial online video on methods for actively playing blackjack.

Specialist: J. Daniel Nell
Bio: Daniel has worked as a skilled Blackjack (21) & Craps Seller considering that 2004.
Filmmaker: Danno Nell



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  2. @Clint: If you're using a multiple deck shoe (4 – 6 decks standard in most casinos) then you MUST convert to true count otherwise your count will be inaccurate. As you explained holds true however, simply eye how many cards have been dealt to get an estimate of how many decks have been dealt and then divide your running count by the number of decks remaining.

  3. @Clint: If you're usong

  4. able 2 count a whole deck in less then 30 secs damn… mine was 2:00 mins 🙁

  5. Filler: I'm no expert but coverting a running count to a true is pretty easy. Divide the running count by the total decks remaining in the shoe. Estimate the decks remaining by the height, in other words, eye it. So a running count of +8 with 3 decks remaining would be about a +3 true count. However, using either count is just as good, frankly I don't use a true count. But I'm sure someone would disagree.


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