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  1. Well done blokes, this format has great potential 😎
    Well done Blinky Bill "drunken koala" time to crank that tune out👍

  2. The ACLU only represented NAMBLA on the free speech issue while simultaneously condemning any sexual relationship with a minor.
    Pedophiles/hebephiles should absolutely be prosecuted for any relevant crimes but I do believe they should be able to speak their mind, no matter how vile it is.

  3. When you think with ur emotions only to fix a problem, or to punish someone? You don’t think rationale and critically. Society and how it operates is the formation of every individual. There is a difference between a civil society which is a society with no police or prisons or guns. Three most important corners of the society. If you know who Jacque fresco is? You know what I mean exactly.

  4. 1:19:35 "The ACLU has jumped the…..shark?!?!" Wheres that come from Steve? I think it is Jumped the Gun.

  5. add to the list does nothing exist.

  6. Just cruising by to check out the debates.. I was frustrated that it took 38 minutes to find the actual debate.

  7. Triangles are a concept, but any example in real life is not perfect, both in angle and by not being microscopically straight, smooth, or pointed, and therefore not a true triangle.

  8. Words to the Song : 2:04:31

    I found this Show today
    They were debating about the aco the aco
    I didn't know what it was all about
    But i was going to put my answer in anyway…
    I need to talk about some science and
    I need to talk about a little bit of fish
    I don't know what im saying but i'll make it up yeahhhhhh!!!!!

  9. It was interesting that the "should prayer be allowed in school" quickly became "Should religion be in school" and debated by two non-Americans, neither have separation of state & religion in a constitution.  Its not really that hot a topic in other countries.
    I always found "School Assembly" before the start of the day a bit cringy and doubted if the teachers saying the prayers had any belief in what they were saying.

  10. I really Hope you get Drunken Koala back again , that song was Awesome <3 🙂

  11. SKIP to about 31 minutes in, to first debate

  12. Watching with my daughter 16 when celador said that banning all prayer from schools called out non sequitur…. Bit of a strawman she thanks Kyle for backing her up….

  13. Host is low IQ

  14. Kyle I'm gonna have to wait until my vacation is over before I decided to call you. I was trying to do it as quickly as I could but wasn't able to in time. My trip will end in I think three or four days so I'll try to contact when I'm home and settled. Also,because it's gonna take almost a day for my family and I to drive home,I may be off a day or two

  15. Wow. The ACLU's representation of NMBLA was wholly misunderstood by everyone involved.

    NMBLA was sued for $200M in the wrongful death of a child who was raped and murdered. The plaintiffs (the boy's parents) claimed that since the murder was commited by a NMBLA member, it was therefore was incited by NMBLA. Sensing an easy target, they tried to hold the NMBLA organization responsible.

    The ACLU argued that the rapacious murderers were responsible for their own actions, and even if "incited" by NMBLA, (keeping in mind they're not the National Men Raping and Murdering Boys Association) the organization could not reasonably be held responsible.

    Sure, NMBLA is gross, but do you understand what's really at stake here?

    If a member of the Republican party says "all illegals should be shot, " and as a response, some guy shoots a Mexican immigrant, should the RNC be held liable? Should Richard Spencer sue the DNC every time he gets punched in the face? It's exactly the same thing. If a Non-Seq subscriber beats up a flat-earther, should the show be held responsible? If the case had stuck, it would open the door to exactly this kind of absurdity.

    What would be the outcome? Suppression of freedom of speech and assembly.

  16. Amazing that this thing actually works:-)
    Very impressive panel.

  17. With the second topic:
    Sometimes it's just not very difficult to spot a fellow Australian lol.
    A few issues with the exact topic there..
    "Religious education in various ways" vs "prayer", being good in schools..
    Then, "prayer being in schools individually" vs "prayer being mandatory in schools".

    I think the answer is Religious education being good, and prayer only being an issue if it's mandatory.
    Religious education would be handy if it was about psychology and history, and also just comparing and learning about all sorts of belief systems.

    Norse, Islam, Hindu, Greek/Roman, newer stuff like Wiccan, stranger lesser known stuff with not much surviving info like Irish mythology.. Christianity, batshit Scientology so everyone knows they are insane, Egyptian, African mythologies… japanese and Chinese etc. All that shit!

    If everyone had a better understanding of all these religions.. they wouldn't see one as any more special than the others. Among other benefits.

  18. Red lost me at the end of his debate. If the law doesn't treat the worst of us the same as it treats the best of us, then the whole system of justice becomes about who you like best. Equally unfair should be the principle, and as generous with fairness as possible should be the method. Darn tootin NAMBLA and Dalmer should receive equal justice. Follow the rules, then lock em up, but only after we use the same rules everybody else gets.

  19. Love the format. Structurally, functionally, visually, and just the idea itself.
    Although getting it all set up is slow as hell in practice..
    I like my timer idea at the end of this comment below the line.

    Would be good if the wheels were in fast-motion.. and the wheel that decides the person who will debate should have smaller wedges and the same names repeated a lot, all in alternating order. If possible. Might be tricky.

    Another way to speed it up is to spin for the topic, then do that 2 more times, then the 3 minutes for the eligible people to say yes and no to all 3 questions at the same time to speed it up.. backup options ready to go. If possible.

    Then do the same with whos going to debate.. so you have backups. The person has like 2 minutes to get their ass sorted, or you jump to the next person in line who is already randomly selected. Then a 3rd backup person.
    Then if they all fail, just who ever gets in first gets to debate. Maybe do that instead of the 3rd backup person.

    Almost 40 minutes to get to the first topic is a smidgen long.
    Not sure if my ideas are even possible, but yea.
    Hopefully the instructions are all laid out somewhere.. that they need a camera and how to do it.. maybe have that in the description or something (might already be a thing I dunno). Don't want them to be making over-time preparations with cameras and not knowing what to do.. urge people to check their equipment and know how to do it. Team Skeptic got in quick and easy.

    If they can't do that in future shows.. then maybe it's better to start the stream and then have a 20 minute timer on the screen, and say the actual debate won't start until that timer reaches 0.
    Then you'll have 20 minutes to get it all ready, the topic and people.. and it will at least save 20 minutes for people who think the actual debate is only minutes away. More coordinated and tidy starting time. People can watch those 20 minutes of small talk and preparation too if they want.
    Then after the 20 minutes, if it's all ready to go.. then say the topic and who the guests are and we're good to go.
    If it's not quite ready yet.. then throw another 5 or 10 minutes on the board.
    Tell people to set a phone timer for themselves.

    Or have them get in discord first and then do the wheel (I think Steve mentioned).. I dunno how it works personally.

  20. This shite should be renamed ‘the nonsensical show’.
    Shilling fo simpletons

  21. “Do triangles exist?” and there is a triangle being used for the wheel’s pointer? Well played guys. Well played.

  22. The video started in the middle of the debate, so I'm really confused. How the hell would you even go about "getting rid" of the ACLU? It's just a non-profit organization that fights for civil rights through court. You can blab on and on about how you hate the rights they are fighting for, but they are doing it legally through court. How exactly would the government shut them down, are we going to give the government the power to randomly deny access to the court to people? No offense Team Skeptic, but saying "If its a negative influence on society, we should shut it down" seems really short sighted and ignores the negative consequences of giving the government that much power.
    Disclaimer, I haven't watched the whole debate yet, so maybe this got addressed.

  23. Wow! Team Skeptic was so nervous. I feel sorry for him!


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