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Sensible Roulette Tracker

Link to android application:

Have all practical details to obtain your winnings in just one Sensible roulette tool! Change unhit notification alerts, be notified on proper time and increase your possibility to earn. Get simply all stats and graphical overview of frequent numbers which enable you choose proper roulette betting technique.

Be part of the hundreds of players which are working with confirmed betting strategies, Sensible Roulette Tracker will work out it for you and assistance you when is the best time to use presented strategies (every single technique is totally explained!). Move the roulette house edge on your side and earn a actual cash in on line casino. Superior luck!


– Chart overview of strike numbers
– Unhit/strike guess stats
– Notification alerts
– Wheel determine of strike numbers

Betting Procedures:

– The Lucky 9
– The Unique Figures
– The 21 Gun Salute
– The Neighbours

Variety of bets:

– Columns
– Dozens
– French
– Outside the house
– Streets
– Lines



  1. You do not have to rely on luck, I have a system for you that always delivers a positive result strategie-beim-roulette. de

  2. if i use this aplication in real casino i will put out or no?

  3. great i'll try it

  4. Sooo…what are progressions for Vosins du Zero. Tiers and Orphelins, please?

  5. this is just what i have been looking for , it will make easier to clock the wheels to find biased ones .

  6. Superb Best app it works great but could add numbers options to bet on…

  7. This is working maybe in the real casino but not here.I bet 30times the first 12 and lose 30 times.

  8. no fake! works perfekt! But i would test it first!
    I dont undestand the 21gun system, but anyway its a very good program! i doubled my cash in 3 hours! Thanks!

  9. so stupid, this kind of program is fake. Its impossible to find a patron, coz every time the roulette change the algorithm.

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    I like 'em big. And stupid. Don't tell my husband.


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