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Constructing: Ryan’s Russian Roulette Machine from MCLP ep. 90

Unofficial Let’s Create for Ryan’s Russian Roulette equipment from Achievement Hunter’s Minecraft Let’s Participate in Episode 90

I have placed the equipment absent from the room itself as I are not able to hear pistons in the video and there is no true area restriction where he did it underground.

This video is qualified toward intermediate+ level redstone buyers. I really don’t detail accurately why or how to do each individual single issue because it is an concerned make and that would acquire a very lengthy time. This is reasonably unedited so there are a couple factors where we converse by way of what really should be finished. The button timing is the only key one I think so your set up, really should it differ significantly, really should not have to have a lot modification.

I know this isn’t great optimization, not the only way to do it, and so forth. Please depart all those responses at the doorway. This functions in a lot of the identical way as the

Definitions of some redstone terms utilised:
AND gate – Logic gate that only will allow an output signal to be displayed if two inputs are on.

RS-NOR latch – A signal that can hold one bit of memory, either off or on, centered on which one of two wires is enabled at the time. Supplying a pulse to the enabled line will disable it and permit the other line. Applied to generate a timer for the dispensers.

Monostable Circuit – A gate that modifies a pulse into a specified duration (listed here, ordinarily one tick). Applied to change steady outputs into a one-time pulse.

Clock – Loop of signal that outputs a signal often at some interval.

I believe that’s about it – Many thanks for observing!



  1. Could not get it to work, the clicker just before the kill loop won't activate. everything else works great!

  2. I have repeaters going into my dispensers so it should fire all 5 of them, but only the center dispenser fires.

  3. Ryan, you sick son of a bitch.

  4. i had it working perfectly, until i connected it to the lever and now when the chamber rotates, one of the pistons pushes one more block than it should

  5. "anyone can build a structure" "its 9×9" (is actually 11×11)

  6. So I got the center dispenser to fire.. but the other two either won't fire or only fire once.

  7. I feel so sad. I tried making this and for some reason the kill switch wasn't working. :-/

  8. Say I wanted to do this with 6 separate dispensers, would it work the same way?

  9. Is there any way you can join my world and do it for me I'm just the worst at red stone
    You probe won't but its worth a try

  10. Thank you!


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