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Northern Soul: Marvin Holmes & Justice: You’d Better Keep Her (Northern Soul & Mecca Classic)

Northern Soul: Marvin Holmes and Justice: You’d better keep her (Northern Soul Blackpool Mecca Classic)

Marvin Holmes, one of the founding fathers of Oakland Funk, is among the worlds leading guitarists. Fans have been enjoying Marvin Holmes and The Uptights since the early sixties until today.

Marvin Holmes and the Uptights emerged as the Oakland Bay Area’s hottest soul band in the early 60’s and 70’s. Marvin’s knack for writing catchy tunes gave them two hits in the 60’s “The Funky Mule” and Ooh Ooh The Dragon. The “Funky Mule” instantly became a national hit and Marvin Holmes and The Uptights were signed to MCA UNI records. From that signing came the Album Ooh Ooh The Dragon and Other Monsters, which also became an instant hit. UNI Records MCA, renewed their contract and they went on to record the following songs on UNI Record, “Sweet Talk”, “Do You Like It”, and “You’re my Girl.

In 1969, after a few more successful years as Marvin Holmes and the Uptights, Marvin decided it was time to make a change in his music and formed the following bands: The Funk Company, Marvin Holmes and Justice and Rush.

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