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Poker Vlog #1: Pilot Episode. Engage in Reside Poker in Detroit MI!

Taking part in some stay $1/$2 NLHE in Detroit! Engage in a number of stay poker arms with me. A number of poker suggestions, some feelings about stay small stakes income game titles.



  1. Your bet size for top pair nut flush draw vs gutshot is on the money, dont be results orientated…half pot to 3/4 is pretty standard and hes a fool for chasing…unfortunate turn thats all

  2. Thanks for the v-log. I enjoy your real time thinking. Don't be too hard on yourself when the guy hit the gutter ball straight. You want players drawing for that kind of crap, sometimes they get there. Seem like a sincere guy having some fun playing poker, I think I'll subscribe, keep em coming. 🙂

  3. Damn! A Detroit poker Vlog, lol – I thought I was going to be one of the first ones to do it (haven't edited and uploaded any footage yet, plan to within the next week or so). I play at MGM quite a bit, how do you go about getting this footage @ the table during a hand? I always feel it's awkward considering most dealers won't allow you to place your phone on the table.


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