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*NEW* Tiki Hearth Lightning Url Important JACKPOT Earn

New Lightning Url device Tiki Hearth Important Jackpot get. Continue to be tuned for additional big wins and jackpots!

Filmed on the Gold Coast, Aus.



  1. Ive won 14 MAJORS. I play $2 on 10c…I used to play $1 until one day outta frustration on my last $6 bumped my bet up to $2 and got the HOLD AND SPIN feature on the first hit. Got 14 coins from it. Won like $140. On the very next hit, got the HOLD AND SPIN feature again…this time, all 15 coins. GRAND JACKPOT. $9000…courtesy of ST PATRICKS TAVERN MOINT DRUITT. #LIGHTNINGCASH4EVER

  2. cool where bouts i live in qld near gympie i hit juipters and the treasury a lot

  3. u lucky bastard haha. do h play nsw?


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