How to Win on Slot Machines

Attacking a Slot Machine’s RNG

Slot devices put in with non-advanced RNGs can be beaten by significant-tech products and prediction algorithms.



  1. I think there was a sleight of hand (or words) "PRNG" became "non complex PRNG"

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  3. You are only partly right.

    First of all; the PRNG is a secondary (last) process of each spin, meaning the real control is in the software BEFORE the PRNG processes. So STOP saying that a hacker is hacking the PRNG, because IT IS NOT POSSIBLE to win something from doing so.
    Hacking the PRNG will not give the hacker an advantage regarding winnings, bonus games or jackpot, because what the numbers selected from the PRNG can point to (virtual reels, or really array variables), has been decided by the process BEFORE the PRNG process of each spin.

    All the PRNG is good for is to show a random outcome of each controlled outcome, and it is also used to not show a static outcome, because that would look really boring. The randomness is a curtain to hide the true, controlling processes of a slot machine. Patterns don't show in a truly random process where anyone, including me, can see the patterns over and over again over time. I know, I am a programmer my self. And when you can see these patterns from one hour to the next, well, that is just bad programming.

    I can agree to what you say regarding the patterns, and the delay of when to spin after the last spin. This, however, is NOT cheating or hacking, and it is NOT against the rules at all, and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with PRNG attacks, but IT IS a way to hit the right outcome at the right time. This is just about being a smart player who understands how to gamble – game logics.

    The reverse engineering is all about the patterns and the time of when to hit the spin button, which depends on the bet size.
    The higher the bet, the longer the time should be between the spins (examples below). That’s it. It is not that hard to understand.

    Then, of course, it helps to know the slot one is playing, and what time of day is the best time to play, because the slots are really timed (before the PRNG processes on the server) and it is possible to learn this by observing the outcomes over a long, long period of time. They are timed because the Casino, much like any other company, MUST have control of the money flow in order to not lose money, but still be able to present a random outcome – it's a balance really, one that shows clearly once you see it. And this creates the ”chunks” of time when a slot is paying and not paying. When this is decided by the server, the PRNG will do its thing, meaning the PRNG is fully functional and real (this is why everyone says it is all random), BUT the table of game elements the PRNG numbers can select between are altered, removed, added etc. for each VIRTUAL reel (hidden reels – really array variables in the programming language no gambler can see).

    The slots are only partly random, meaning the main server (the casino) will control WHAT the outcome (numbers) of the PRNG can point to or select (game elements). The probability will change over time, and this is how the casinos control the outcomes over time, and also the money flow. It is the only way to have control while showing random outcomes.

    Think of the randomness/control of a slot machine as the throw of five dices. Let's say you pay me one dollar for each throw of the five dices, and if you get the number six (6) on each of the five dices, you win the jackpot. 
    Now, I think we all can agree the throw is a hundred percent random, right?
    BUT, what you don't know is that I (the server) has replaced the number six on one dice (on a virtual reel). This means you CAN NOT hit the jackpot, right?
    But I can still tell you that each outcome is a hundred percent random!

    See my point?

    So many (too many) so called ”slot experts” are saying the slots are a hundred percent random, so you should NOT trust them, because of what I wrote above, and what I write below! These people are messengers for the Casino industry, and they make money this way.

    Think of the slot outcomes as a calendar/time table where every minute holds different possible outcomes. This means you will ALWAYS reach that bonus game or bigger win sooner or later, even if you spin with very long time in between the spins (delay). So I’m saying; bet higher but spin with a long delay between the spins, WITH the same amount of money per minute.

    You bet 2 dollar per spin, and you spin 10 times per minute = 20 dollars per minute.
    Instead you could bet 5 dollars and spin 4 times per minute = 20 dollars per minute.

    What this is all about is to skip/jump over a lot of no wins or small wins, and win more on the outcomes that really do pay out times 2 or more.

    Since the slots are timed, the above will increase your chances of winning more with the same bet size over time, while not spending more money per minute. TRY IT!!!!

    You could save money and extend your gambling time the same way:
    You bet 2 dollar per spin, and you spin 4 timers per minute = 8 dollars per minute.

    The above would give you one extra minute in time to spin, and it will increase you chances to reach that big win or bonus game.

    You will not miss any greater outcomes, well you could but it is unlikely, but you will dodge the wins that will give you less winnings than what you bet per spin.

    Why do you think the slots have that ”quick spin” option?
    Why do you think more and more slots are converted/updated to spin quicker?
    Why do you think the ”auto spin” option is there?

    The answer is: you will lose more money when spinning quicker (with no delay), especially when the slot is in the zone of outcomes that will give you small or no winnings. The ”auto spin” option will spin again as fast as possible, so yes, it is all about time and time zones.

    The winning time zones are also shorter than the losing time zones.

    Also; any slot that gives you a big win (one or a few outcomes) WILL go dead or almost dead for as long time it would take to get you to lose the money you just won (calculated by server), and often it will take back a bit more than what you won. Here the delay should be: LEAVE the slot for a few minutes depending on the size of your big win.

    Well, this is just a part of the book I’m writing….

  4. WTF kind of be is this

  5. where are your other videos? I need them for my presentation.. please can you share for me the URL of ""Bet Switching".. please Willy

  6. Seems like a shit. How many time(and money for spinnings) needed for analyse gaminator slot machines ? ))) That hacking tool for analise a slot can just make simple reels sets. And what after? ))) They target is only sell "stable" method for winning in slot machines to stupid players (and cheat them against).

  7. So is the machine still holding what its supposed to? Are these RNG advantage players cheating or advantage players? If the machine is still holding what its supposed to hold per the manufacturer standards, what's the problem????

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  9. Avoid playing the slot machine is a great strategy ! But when playing a slot machine find one with a huge jackpot ! The jackpot randomness maybe ready to choose you to win ! Good luck !


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