How To Win Roulette Casino

How to get one thousand $ in a person ball spin with ROULETTE

…there’s no top secret, all the player has to do is to wager on the fantastic colour, like I did listed here with a one thousand $ wager on the Crimson Shade.


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  1. Betting on single Roulette numbers is the worst bet in the casino

    Isn't the odds of getting any number spun out in the next spin 1/37?

    1/37 is based on billions of spins – it's theoretical
    the next number spun out isn't close to 1/37

    Math says that in the next 37 spins 13 numbers will not spin out
    (36/37)^37*37 =13.4
    Because there will be duplicate, triplicate, quads, spun out instead of them

    In the next 100 spins, 6 numbers still won't show up
    in the next 1,000 spins, 1 number still won't show up

    So if you stay at a Roulette table for 1 hour and there are 30 spins, one every 2 minutes
    13 numbers on the wheel just won't spin out
    that's about 13/30 or 43% of the numbers spun will be duplicates, etc and 7 of them just can't show up (30 out of 37)

    You don't stand a chance in the next hour of seeing your number hit.
    Stop betting on individual numbers


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