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Poker Vlog Episode 10 Profitable!! WPT Satellite at Are living Casino

Played in the $45 WPT Poker Satellite tournament for the Principal function at Maryland Are living Casino. Also took prospects to the Ravens Game.

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Audio by : Sappheiros
Tune :Restless

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  1. When you say "Open" it usually you come in with a raise. What your doing is limping. so if you are the first to act you "Open Limp" If you are the first to raise you "Open to XX (chip amount)" I can see you are just learning and I am very jealous because I dont get to play as much poker as you so I am very much enjoying the vlogs. Keep them coming.

  2. Glad to see someone vlogging from harrington, its my closest card room. But I have to bust you on having the q hearts in your hand and on the flop loll. Suited sets! Jk good vlog keep it up

  3. Looks like a lot of fun! Great vlog! I went to my first NFL game this past weekend…So much fun!

  4. Did you stand for the national anthem?

  5. I wish I can play poker as well. Looks fun though.


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