How To Win Roulette Casino

Roulette technique with one one number only, bets placed on straight up and break up.

This is a betting process on one number, with a technique to raise bets periods a few for close to each thirty spins not gained.
I commenced to play with a one dollar guess units, but then switched to fifty cents guess units, as it decrease the hazard to get some tranquil hig losses if the performed number is not revealed for extra than hundred spins.
This betting process and technique usually operates very well on roulette.



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  3. thanks for the video but i have a question let s say that you win on spin total you would put 5*25= 125and you will get 18+18+18+18+36= 108 so a lose of 17.

  4. I have modifed this as follows: Spin 30 times at 1 unit. Spin 15 times at 2 units. Change to a new random number. Spin 30 times at 2 units. Spin 15 times at 3 units… ETC. Avoids long draw downs due to a single number. Has 70% chance of hitting number each time.


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