How To Win BlackJack

Major 10 Strategies For Beginning Blackjack Gamers – Section two – with On line casino Gambling Expert Steve Bourie

In this movie, American On line casino Information creator, Steve Bourie, proceeds with his top rated 10 Strategies For Beginning Blackjack Gamers. This is part two of a two-part collection with five ideas in this part and yet another five ideas specified earlier in part just one. Matters lined involve: do not touch your wager once the cards are being dealt do not touch the cards if they are being dealt deal with up when playing a “pitch” video game, keep your cards in just just one hand use your hand to sign your playing conclusions and usually use simple technique. Perform Cost-free social casino slots – These slots are only for enjoyment and no cash is associated. All new gamers get Cost-free Reward CHIPS!

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  1. damn, didn't know talking was a no-no. I have only played blackjack on a norwegian cruise, and I didn't want to use hand signals in case I did something wrong and got a card on a stand or something.

  2. casinos are nice , i use to work in a casino on a cruise ship, at norwegian cruise line , i would really love to get a job at one of these casinos here with american casinos , anyone that could give me a hand with this?? appreciate anyone`s help in advance , thank you .

  3. Is there a signal to the dealer if you want to surrender ? For instance, you are dealt 16 against a dealers 10 or Ace.

  4. Thank you for the tips. I play blackjack recreationally in my down time. I would love to see more videos on the game from this channel.

  5. I am really curious about why these basic strategy charts are SLIGHTLY differnt from website to website?
    for example soem suggest ALWAYS double up on 11 whily other sugest only if dealer card is 10 or less.
    the charts also are different on things like hit/ stand on 12 while dealer card is 3 and so on.
    so how do i know whats the realy best chart and why do they differ from each other?

  6. if i have blackjack and the dealer has an ace up should i take ins?

  7. What if you want to double or split your cards?

  8. "The book designed to make you a smarter gambler"

  9. Basic Strategy is the best way unless you are counting.  But you make most of your money from the bet spreading than from the deviations.


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