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Blackjack Mastermind: ‘The Large 3’ Development – six Deck Blackjack Method + Card Counting

Hey there! Welcome back again to one more video clip and episode of Blackjack Mastermind. In this video clip we test and verify an formal revenue-maker tactic that consists of fantastic simple tactic, card counting to +5 min before betting a progressive of 5-seven-10.

As extended as the count remains +three or larger you can transfer ahead in the betting sequence and sooner or later arrive back again at the min bet or if the count drops to +2 or decrease you fall back again to the min bet.

We are enjoying six decks making use of the on-line tactic trainer at and we have acquired the recreation set up for Colorado regulations for each the Mardi Gras and Golden Gates casinos.

New Blackjack Betting Method: The Large three Development – Analyzed

Warn: Oct 5th I WILL BE Taking part in AT ‘The Gilpin Casino’.

I will be taking $1,000 and enjoying with $300 commencing sessions rolls with the intention of generating 20% or $60 and then cashing out and waiting a very little then going back again and commencing a new session.

I prepare to participate in at the very least 10 sessions tonight. Acquire or reduce? Guess now.

*All guesses of gain/reduce quantities should be in by eleven:59pm 10/5.

**WINNERS: The winner of this obstacle gets $20 cash by way of PayPal

^^^^^^^Welcome to Blackjack Mastermind!^^^^^^^^

I am a card counting professional and someone who prides himself on figuring out precisely how to conquer the game titles at the casinos
I repeated in Black Hawk, Colorado.

I practice fantastic participate in each day and diligently, screening several card counting, blackjack betting tactics and betting methods to locate the ones that make it possible for me to increase my winnings at the very least 70% of the time or far better. These are the methods that gain in the shorter run.

In purchase to ensure that I am enjoying my greatest recreation when I go participate in for genuine revenue, I test and show you what I have carried out and when I locate methods, that show a gain-reduction fee of 70-thirty I go and test it for genuine.

Then I report back again to my followers the end result and then we keep on screening far more awesome blackjack betting tactics.

And you can gain cash prizes, far too!

All you have to do on days when we are scheduled to go to the on line casino is remark on the hottest video clip and condition how much you feel we will gain or reduce (for your skeptics) and whoever is the closest wins the prize offered. Could be enjoyment, right? Try out it out.

Just continue to keep this in brain:

A) We make no promises to obtaining a mathematical edge or likelihood of winning, we merely test tactics for mates, from books and push and even our individual created-up methods and
we go and participate in Live with the ones that verify to be 70% maximizers or ‘winners’. We report back again and test all over again.

B) These movies are a hundred% for enjoyment and entertainment purposes. If you locate value in what we display for you, and you go test the procedure and reduce or gain, that is a hundred% out of our regulate. We do not condone reckless gambling nor do we guidance losing far too much.

C) You should only gamble with revenue you can pay for to reduce and by observing these movies and making use of our blackjack betting tactics to try out and financial gain in the recreation, you are performing so at your individual possibility. You may possibly not maintain us liable for reduction or psychotic breaks.

D) So extended as the Residence has a crafted-in edge, THE Residence Usually WINS! So participate in at your individual possibility!

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Many thanks for observing! Keep tuned for far more…


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  1. There is 0 mathematical probability that this system is even close to accurate. You based your theory on playing through 1 6 deck shoe and because it worked in the first 3 decks you suggest only doing this the first half of a 6 deck shoe. Never use a progressive betting system there is no actual mathematical probability that you will win at all in 3 hands cause the running count is +5. Maybe if the true count was +5 and kept rising then you would want to increase your bet and the probability of getting high cards would be there however with a running count of +5 in a 6 deck shoe the probability of there being high cards coming are not much greater then if the count is 0. 5 more face cards out of 312 cards does not give the player an advantage. If you like money don't not try this system if it works you are just getting lucky over time this is a losing strategy. Try using proven facts and theories in your videos good luck I am gonna check out more of your videos.


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