How To Win Roulette Casino


1. This is a Mini edition of a regular Roulette video game.
two. The wheel has 13 pocket slots which consist of a single zero.
three. Participant can guess on any variety or blend of quantities on the board just like in
regular roulette.
4. When the ball lands on a zero, as per the Mini Roulette regulations the player get again half
of his guess cash.
five. Leading award: 11x guess benefit.
6. Operator adjustable video game Payout price.
seven. Operator adjustable Max/Min guess restrict.
eight. Operator adjustable Multi-lingual: English/ Spanish/ Traditional Chinese/
Easy Chinese.
nine. 31.5khz. Resolution Show (VGA)
ten. Operate with Contact Display, Press Button, PS/two Keyboard, PS/two Mouse or all.
11. Coin/Bill acceptor & hopper supported.
12. 36+ten pin fruit kind connector.


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