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Coyote Moon slot device, DBG

Coyote Moon is an IGT typical. It arrived out when Stacked Wilds had been nevertheless a exceptional point to obtain in a sport. Considering the fact that then game titles have refined the principle to make Stacked Wilds even a lot more exciting – often to the point of more than-actively playing the principle (Ainsworth game titles have more than-performed Stacked Wilds, for case in point).

Coyote Moon also arrived out when the Reward sport wasn’t as big a attribute as they are right now. As these, the Reward sport in Coyote Moon can be disappointing.

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  1. The Montreal Casino has a whole section of about 40 machines of Coyote Moon and Wolf Run and no staff member will bother you because hand pays are at set $ 3,000 . They used to be very popular but now seem to go the way of the Dodo bird

  2. I once won $100 on a 40 cent bet on a single spin on this slot. I usually give this one a shot when I'm in the casino as it's usually very easy to tell weather it's "hot" or not very quickly.

  3. This is an okay game, and I play it every once in a while. However the art doesn't appeal to me, so it's not a favorite. I do like Wolf Run better – I think I remember that you don't like it much. Wolf Run always paid as much, and the wolves and the white canine reminded me of childhood pets. You are right that the bonus games in these old IGT were more of an afterthought than the big draw in the game.

  4. CT told me Coyote Moon was the first in the long line of IGT clones. Was it or was it Wolf Run? Wolf Run was the slot that got a sequel and is a part of "All-Star" IGT slots.

    European casinos have clones of this game and they play EXACTLY the same way, down to the tease of extra scatters in the 4th reel and only 5 free spins. They are looser than the Coyote Moon at the locals or's endless clones of the game.

    Still, these games remain a stalwart at casinos because of the potential of lots of Stacked Wilds in a spin. This game played up to its 95% setting this night. I saw the Penny Hit Zone sign reflecting back in your video.

  5. I love this slot but it's very hard to trigger a bonus and once you do it doesn't pay and it pisses me off but at least line hits are often and decent


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