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Situation Clicker Gambling | Zero Roulette #2 | Online Gambling

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In this online video I am chilling with some Situation Clicker Gambling. I am starting out in the Situation Clicker Roulette where I land a gain. I adhere to the gambling up with on the internet gambling.



  1. Lokehansen kan du sende 20k Trade offeret igen har nemlig ikke fået den du sagde jeg vilde få den senere på dagen men har fået den så hvis du kan sende traden igen så mit NetHub name : PurpleLight23

  2. awesome vid and btw do u have an exact number of how much ur inventory is worth like in statistics? and do u have more than 1 account?

  3. Been watching you since you had 1k subs 😁

  4. Can not wait to play bigger than yours! My internet has not been the best so I haven't been able to download it but it seems great! Cannot wait until my name is constantly on the top 10 😉

  5. 2 nd

  6. first + I LOVE YOU


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