How To Win Blackjack

Just got back from a week in Las Vegas hanging out at the SEMA Show. SEMA is the largest aftermarket automotive show in the world. Had a great time, and towards the end of my trip i went on a 14 hour blackjack marathon. Learned how to play blackjack like[…]

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+ $20,000 – Biggest Blackjack Run Up Part 2

Join our Members Only Area Purchase your Blackjack Strategy Reference Card (Plastic) The Players Pledge: 1. Blackjack is entertainment and not a replacement of a job 2. Online Casinos are Evil 3. Over time the casino always wins 4. I pay my bills before I play 5. I only play[…]

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How to win easy money on Blackjack ($120 in 5 minutes)

I am not claiming to show how everyone can make thousands of dollars within seconds. I want to give everyone realistic expectations on how much they could win on Blackjack. The strategy I primarily use is the Martingale strategy. As I state multiple times in the video, if you have[…]

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