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Online slots – New games and requests, 9 game bonus hunt

Hi All,

I had something of a splendid result last time round, with Wheel of Fortune megaways surprising me with a massive 1233x win. Not quite my highest of all time, but it would have made the top 3 last year. Here’s hoping I can find a few more this year.

Today I decided to use some of these funds to try a selection of different games. These are mostly brand new, or subscriber requests.

Thanks to a superb in play win on Tigers Emperor I have a decent selection today for just £300. I managed to assemble the following list of 9 games:

Time Machine
Ultimate 5
Tiki Runner 2 doublemax
Colossal Cash Zone
Rock Vegas hold and spin
Super Cash Drop Gigablox
Space Miners
Tiger Emperor
Big Spin Bonus

I also tried for Fire Hopper, but for some reason this style of game never seems to reward me! I lost £57 (almost 100x) in minutes and decided to abandon there before it got any worse.

Quite a few of these games I have no idea what to expect, lets hope there’s something of interest in there. I hope you enjoy this one.

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