♣️ Blackjack Bronze | NO Bust strategy | Amazing Side Bets session ♣️

♣️ ℹ️ Side Bets ♣️
Let’s try the “No Bust” strategy once again, but this time with #sidebets. It’s not my regular strategy and system, but worth a try as you see some players never hit any result above hard 12 – this way you cannot bust. This #livecasino #dealer was about to end her shift for that day and made it a special session also with her positive mood and energy. Some day we have to spend her the Big Mac she did starve for and mentioned! This session lead into a nice cash out, to have some pocket money for the upcoming months on the Black Jack and Live Casino tables. Always save some money in good times to level upcoming losses!
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📜 Side Bets:
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ℹ️ Session info:
📅 13.06.2020 13:36 CEST
💳 Anfangsbetrag/Starting amount: 4750.00€
💶 Einsatz/Stake: 2x [ 50.00€ + 2x 25.00€ (side bets) ]

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5️⃣ Take breaks frequently.

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