4 Types of Bets in Every Roulette Spin | Win Roulette Tricks

There are many Best Roulette Strategy to Win in 2020 and many roulette casino live are played. Check this strategy out and win.
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0:00 – Roulette Strategy to win 2020
0:25 – Placing Bets

Trick-11: ( win from $20 to $210 )
Trick-12: ($133 to $219)
Trick-13: ($30 to $149)

Lightning Roulette is an exciting game with electrifying roulette experience. In each game round from one to five “Lightning numbers” are randomly struck by lightning, allowing you to win 50x up to 500x (49:1 – to 499:1). I am playing this game in 1xbet.

Trick-9: ( win from $175 to $263 )
Trick-10: ( win from $20 to $210 )


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