€3200+ Completed – Immersive Roulette VS BEST Roulette Prediction Software – DAY 17, Session – 1

Day 17, Session 1:

Total Session wins in a row – 37 (From day 1 – 100% Success per session)

Session profit – €113, Today’s profit – €113, Total profit – €3220 (€3107+113)

As mentioned in the last session’s video, we have withdrawn €520


Watch previous videos for the rest of the winning sessions.

We always aim for small sessions with small targets to make it easy and controlled wins.

*In this case, we played with inverted progression.


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Responsible Gambling

18+ Required

Note: We have recently deleted all of our SUPER 36 Related videos. This is done to save new visitors to the channel who might not be knowing that pattern numbers have now changed from last night and they could lose their money if they follow old numbers. Our aim is to make gambling environment safe and to help people win.

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