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  1. You are thieving scum bigfish

  2. No Kidding… Unlocked…. Tap To Say HI…. Club bonuses….

  3. Micheal Sage VIP Manager takes your money spent on this app in 2 seconds and when you have a problem with your app like mine a technical issue during gameplay he does nothing but lie to you telling you he will fix it and personally talks to his engineers to fix the problem with errors during gameplay and game disconnnecting while you are finally winning. Than when they never fix your issue you have to send in 300 emails to try to get a hold of him. Its been over 6 months since he said he would have my app fixed and still nothing!!! And now im getting responces from BF Corp to stop emailing them about the problem after i spent $1,000s on this app that doesnt work and im using a Galaxy 8+ this app should work for the money I spent on it!!!!!! BUYER BEWARE DO NOT PAY FOR COINS ITS THE BIGGEST RIP OFF. THEY HAVE THESE SALES AND YOU LOOSE ON EVERYSPIN THEY WANT YOU TO KEEP BUYING AND THE VIP PROGRAM IS A SCAM. IF YOU BUY DONT SAY I DIDNT WARN YOU!!! The game is fun to play but spent over $1,000 on this app and customer support takes 5 days or weeks to get back to you. No phone# just email so after 300 emails if they get back to you they dont help!!!!!!!! Very bad customer Support Team…..

  4. i want to play this game


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