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Golden Goddess Slot Machine

Planet Hollywood slot play.


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  1. Such a low win for a huge betting amount. I expected a $4 bet would give thousands not $88 bucks. :/ Good slot game though. I love this one over the others even if the others I had won bonus games. I'm still working on getting that bonus round in this game. 😀 Most likely I will end up with the pigeon rolls, since that is what this game tends to give me when I use my card. 😛 With 40cents bet and just three rolls of pigeons, I got $5. If I bet $4 I think I would've gotten $200 for the same 3 rolls of pigeons. Anyways I read this was Planet Hollywood so it makes sense. Hard Rock is a huge rip off too with their machines. Only two worth my time Hialeah Park and Jai-Lali. Those machines give something for such little bet amount. Good video nonetheless. Shows how the bonus round really is. Thank you for sharing.


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