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MEGA Gain on Dragon&#39s Fireplace Megaways!

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Philip taking part in Dragon’s Fireplace Megaways on a €8 wager when the absolutely free spins dropped in! Just soon after a pair of spins in the reward function the multiplier was designed up very fantastic and then the retrigger arrives as very well, which can make all the change in the world in a progressive slot like this! At this position the opportunity absolutely sure is insane, the only issue is how large the full win will be…



  1. i did 700 spins on 1€ with no bonus on this shit game:) then i did 0.20p to see how long it would take, got it in 37 spins and paid 20x:))))))

  2. Seriously question, do you not gamble you're own money?

    I ask because I cannot fathom how one could be happy playing such high stakes to win under 1000x…would literally cost double that in base spins just to get to the bonus lol

  3. Nice job, Phillip!💥👊🍻

  4. 07:07 when my nose itches


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