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Online slots – Legacy of Ra, EPIC WIN from free spins bonus!

Not made it out for a few days so another online punt instead. Proved to be a good choice as hit this little beauty earlier on!

Legacy of Ra doesn’t seem ridiculously hard to bonus like some of the others, but maybe that’s because it gives a lot of really poor sets of free spins.

I’ve seen other streamers hit decent wins from the bonus on this slot before, but my first 10 or so attempts were dreadful. I’ve got the videos if anyone wants to see them, but they aren’t much good!

I’ve never had a retrigger, and until this video have never had more than 3 reels of any given symbol. Changed all that in style though!



  1. Jim don’t fall into the trap of just doing online vids, there are tons of online channels on big stakes gambling £1000s, i would stick to pub/arcades mate as hardly any channels with this content.

  2. What a hit .dream hit mate .what would 6 of paid …..???????lol lol

  3. You lucky 4ker😜


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