$3,000 Profit Blackjack

Basic Blackjack Strategy pays off in this session.

0:30 Gameplay
2:39 Tips and Strategy

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The intended purpose of this video is to provide education and entertainment on various table games including but not limited to blackjack, poker, Texas stacks holdem, roulette, stacks holdem, four card stacks holdem, Hopefully you enjoy and follow along on this journey. Learn to play blackjack basic strategy. Play Blackjack with the dealer in this first person view format.

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  1. At 5:03 when he hits on the 15 and busts does it sound like he said “FUCK!” But they distorted it out the video ? Haha

  2. just luck that all

  3. I may be an odd one but I would love to see a video of you doubling your hard 12 and 13’s against high probable bust cards like 5’s and 6’s. Unconventional play most say but the pay off can be pretty well if the deck is high in low cards where you can dodge a face card for the successful double down.

  4. Why never split 10s?

  5. Those cars always mess me up on 6/9…

  6. Have you tried the same bidding strategy with 4-6 players at the table ?

  7. First time I saw as blackjack game was in a barber shop. A guy cracked a guy in the head with a blackjack.

  8. I am sub'd and THUMBS UP!!! 🙂 I play about $2,000 a month on average. My advice is do not gamble if you have no self control and do not know when to walk away.

  9. I love your vids but please don’t say how much you won in the title

  10. Another great video. You had balls doubling two fives against a nine showing. Im picking a lot up from you on betting strategies again thanks.


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