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Online slots – Bonanza MegaWays free spins bonus, will I finally hit a big win?

Bonanza MegaWays is a slot I tried a while back and it just did not want to give me a bonus. I swore I’d never play it again at the time, but having seen the likes of nickslots and dazza g nailing large free spins bonuses I decided that I’d give it one more chance.

I’ve cut out the dead spins, but to give you the picture it was going entirely to form for a while on 20p. I’d started with around £70 and hadn’t come close to a bonus or had a single decent win on the base game, £50 gone in under 20 minutes. All or nothing then, I decided I do my last £20 on 40p stake.

Within a few presses it gave me a couple of decent wins then a bonus! Was it redemption time for this slot, or does it go onto the banned list?! Here’s how the free spins went…



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