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3 MILLION+ COINS CASHMAN CASINO Part 12: MORE BIG WINS Free Mobile Game Android Gameplay HD Video

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This time on cashman casino, I do a lot of what I did last time again: I don’t spend any real money to get 3 million coins I collected bonuses and finally hit up to 3 million coins (while not recording I hit the rock star big win twice and hit big off the cashman star bonus a couple times also) and played it out on the African dusk cashman slot machine, but had some fun doing it I hit the cashman bonus a decent amount and hit some big wins and I hit big and kept going back and forth and the coins lasted quite awhile this time and could have lasted even longer but I decided to either win big or lose it all and again I lost it all but I had fun doing so. I didn’t hit the Rockstar big win again like I was hoping to though (i figured I wouldn’t since I hit it twice before starting this video like I stated already above), but I still did decent and was able to play for awhile on my coins and again at least I didn’t lose any real money like if I had went to the real casino. Hopefully you guys enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed playing it.

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