Introduction to Roulette Key Gold

This video is a short introduction to some of the features of Roulette Key Gold.
The program includes every system from The Winning Rules or Roulette Practically Considered by Sperienza. An ebook of this classic is available on my website.
Besides these relatively safe systems Roulette Key Gold also includes alerts on 1-1, 2-1, 11-1 & 1-2 chances. It will even alert you when neighbours of zero have missed.
The program is under continuous development and is sold on a subscription basis of £50 p.a.

When playing you can resize the window to suit your screen there are plenty of videos on YouTube showing various systems at both RNG & Live casinos please check

Most of the systems included don’t follow progressions and are designed to make your capital last as long as possible. Please don’t ask how much you can earn it depends on your bank and your ability to stop at the right time.



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