GANGSTAR VEGAS Unlock Dervish P. McNutty LVL.3 "FREE ITENS? NO!"

Gameplay do jogo Gangstar Vegas

Gameplay mostrando oque realmente acontece quando desbloqueia qualquer “MARCO” no nivel 3.

Ja me deparei com pessoas achando que caso chegassem ao lvl 3 dos marcos, Iriam ganhar os itens listados.

na verdade, ele apenas te disponibiliza para poder comprar esses itens.

Se voce tiver nivel VIP Inferior a “2” ,Voce nao poderá comprar esses itens.

Ja que, O jogo irá te mostrar a tela de item VIP travado, Mesmo com o Marco do item no nivel 3.

—–(English/Google Tradutor)——–

Gangstar Vegas gameplay

Gameplay showing what really happens when you unlock any “MARCO” at level 3.

I have come across people thinking that if they reached lvl 3 of the milestones, they would win the listed items.

In fact, it only makes you available to purchase these items.

If you have a VIP level below “2”, you will not be able to purchase these items.

Since, the game will show you the locked VIP item screen, even with the item milestone at level 3.


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