Free Slots

Totally free Application Slots lawfully Totally free applications and Reward Playing cards

Use the subsequent inbound links in safari on your Apple iphone/iPod touch/iPad to sign up :

FREEAPPSLOTS : – You will get five spins for no cost –

FREEMYAPPS : – You will be rewarded with 200 credits

APPCASHER : – You will get five hundred factors for no cost

AppBounty – – (no cost Amazon/iTunes reward cards)

FeaturePoints – – (Totally free Amazon, iTunes, PayPal revenue)

Freeappdaily : – Increase my code : Z77OX7 you will get 200 factors –

Application trailers :

Appjoy : – please incorporate my code a121248 you will get 2500 nanas.



  1. go to featurepoints . com on your device and when you sign up type in my refferal code QAL4HM and get 50 points to start off with. with this app you download apps click on it and u get your points usually 90-200 points per app and you can get amazon 50$ is 30000 points 1$ is 600 paypal ipad mini itunes giftcards and more!

  2. Also try this app and start collecting points to earn gift card ( LEGAL)
    Free ITUNES,PAYPAL, AMAZON, and more…
    —–>>> freeappslots(dot)com?refcode=5­­5uojmbn
    Tnx ENJOY 🙂 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing.


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