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  1. Here are some of our more memorable bonuses and wins on Buffalo themed slots. Have you guys ever hit any big wins on these machines? Please let us know in the comments, and if you have a live play on your youtube page, you're welcome to share it with us. Thanks for watching and please subscribe, like and comment. A share would also be appreciated. 😊😊😊❤❤❤

  2. The "Bellagio mistake" is one of your best moments and best hits! My best low roller hit was a 50 cent bet that returned circa $120 through 91 free spins (accumulated). I guess that's why buffalo can be enjoyable, once those free games retrigger it can result in a lot of time on machine? My hit was at "the D", memorable because I'd had a bad run (relatively speaking) and finished the night on a positive! Given the vast number of Buffalo slots in Vegas (think Palms and Venetian etc) it is clearly a popular game – at least in the eyes of casinos. So what are the ingredients that make it so? What do folk think? I am always a sucker for it.

  3. Woohoo…those wins on “mistake” bets are the absolutely best. Good for you! Very nice selection for us Buffalo slot machine lovers. They can be really nice or extremely mean 😝 Ty for posting and good luck! 🍀

  4. Wow wow. That Bellagio hit the end is were in a nickle denomination lol amazing . Love those accidents when they pay , I accidentally max bet on a dollar slot at binions and first spin hit 900 dollars .I almost floated w joy lolol ..thx so much for the video plz keep em coming I told hog and 2cent to check you out they have a great Chanel as well

  5. Enjoy your videos. I could never win anything on any buffalo machine up until 2 weeks ago where my bonus was $763 on a $1.20 bet. I got 13 heads on Buffalo Gold.

  6. Yep buffalo gold front door of the golden gate , wink .

  7. Great to see a new compilation video was awesome thanks for the upload 👍 last win was nice


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