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WP Quiz is a plugin of WordPress that allows you easily create the multiple choice questions for many purposes, such as teaching, blogging, advertising and etc.

Right after a person completes a test, the data of their score and their answers will be immediately saved to Database for statistical purpose. With statistical function, you can collect all user data serving for your various objectives.

Moreover, WP Quiz also has many other customizations such as localization, changing color matched with your website user-interface, random questions and etc.

If you’re looking for the standalone quiz system, let’s check it out VLMS – the great online courses and quizzes scripts built on top of Laravel

Main features

  • Multimedia in questions
  • Hints
  • Limit questions
  • Many configuration options
  • Randomly sort questions and answers
  • Customize interface
  • Localization
  • Shortcode
  • Multiple quizzes on the same page
  • Preview questions when finish
  • Submit score via email to owner
  • Social sharing
  • Statistic with chart
  • Export to CSV


Change log


  • Limit questions
  • Fix input question
  • Hints
  • Support embed iframe and image
  • Fix wordpress 3.9.1 issue


  • Change score calculate to percentage
  • Change the way to create answer
  • Support duplicate question


  • When users submit their scores they will be taken to the web page
  • Export data to csv


  • If the user is logged on, save user’s score
  • Fix jQuery conflict


  • Javascript version.
  • All version are included in download file.
  • Document is included in download file.

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