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  1. Another amazing video, ur web site is good easy to look around it and nice colours, there is nothing i dont like about it

  2. Just seen slot battle friday you was a joy to watch chip miserable as sin chin up

  3. For the forfeit you should let jord give you pink eye

  4. The website is very informative and easy to use, brilliant to refer to!

  5. Got to be honest mate the website is too grey for my liking

  6. Bit moody today, well done Jord for being ace

  7. Likes there is no picture of u or jord on the wesite dislikes jords hair and height

  8. Good simple layout, really easy to understand, however I feel that it could be a bit more colourful and a bit more appealing to the eye.

  9. I like how easy the website is to navigate. Very clean and tidy, informative too.

  10. just been checking the site chip, few ideas – instead of a plain white background why not put some community win screenshots in the background(or anything really), have a youtube link next to the twitch link at the top or even change the twitch link so it drops down to show both twitch streams as well as your youtube catalogue. you could have your latest stream linked directly from the site, aswell as your latest youtube vid, ive got a few more suggestions but, its your site dude so dont wanna sound a prick lol, keep up the gd work tho chip! – roz117

  11. Not bad chip now give me 50 sheets lol 😝

  12. Simple and effective website, easy to navigate and very clear. The only slight moan is the offers should be (in my opinion) lower on the page. Great vid mste

  13. like how the website is mobile friendly! some are shocking. hope to catch you guys live soon 👍🏻

  14. Unlucky today!
    Checked your website its:
    Things i like" simple friendly and easy to use.
    Things i dislike: rather see the offers below your welcome paragraph.
    Good luck tomo lads!

  15. Website is nice plenty of stuff on it even news from slot companies cant see owt wrong with it

  16. bad one

  17. I like how you can see what slots are going to be realised soon, give me something to get excited about. however I don’t really like the banner logo, it just seems like it’s a bit clunky and simple

  18. What a way to promote slots….. Lose £500 every day lol

  19. The website is very easy to navigate

    The one thing I don't like is how jords floating head looks live he's perving on you 😂😂😂 I think your in there chip 🙈🙈😉😉

  20. Xxx


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