Super 36 ROULETTE Strategy – How to use Super 36 (Step by Step Tutorial)

Super 36 Strategy Codes – Find out employing Step by StepTutorial

This movie has all the ways needed to use Super 36 Strategy codes.

Really don’t overlook even a solitary next from this movie. We have given some specific suggestions to be protected although successful at the on line casino.

The only approach that truly will work.

There is a specific and key information in the movie for people today who are getting rid of dollars continuously in the casinos. Just pay attention to the entire movie.

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  2. I haven't understand this super 36 strategy at all. could you please show some demo on this strategy

  3. Dear casino wala.

    Since 2 years I'm playing roulette with one by myself created strategy very successful. I have called it the "chameleon"strategy. It's really really complex and hardly to understand so I have thought that it will be to inappropriative to demonstrate it here on you tube. Although I am not a silly man or to unintelligent to learn and understand a new system I don not understand your super36 strategy at all. I watched your tutorial video that often and also the live demos but I feel helpless to realize anything. So thumbs up for your strategy technique however it will work. You make me speech and mindless and that will not happen that often.

    Best wishes, christian.
    Ps: if i would by your system would be there a clear description how to set up and play with your super36?

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  5. Good job.

  6. I do not understand all facts. How about a demo play to see how the strategy will work. It's necessary to see it in praxis. I play roulette successfully with about one ultimtive strategy, too. But therefore it have to be clear about all facts. Good work that far.

    Christian from germany.

  7. Great video. Keep posting more such stuff.

  8. Very Good!

  9. Great job.

  10. Hey 😉
    When my account is flagged, how is the winning chance on Baccarat? Can they cheat in this game also?


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