How I win 34$ in 9 minutes playing roulette red and black

How to win at roulette online casino.

Its an app, I played to improve my strategy playing red and black. It is based on martingale system and I ever had to go max for 4 progression.
I dont play every spin. I take it as a life. If you go fast, you can crash. With patience, we can win the roulette 99.99 percent of time. The 0.1 percent will always be there in any game but that would be a very rare case scenario or if you loose, think that it was the most bad luck day of your life.

I would not suggest to play on RNG machine, since they tend to cheat after sometime. I lost most of my money playing RNG. No matter what you do, they always get us the opposite. So play with the real dealers online or in real. Chances of winning will be very high , if you play with the real dealers live or online.

I had won 7500 USD in real playing online roulette. But as you know, when you put your real money, there will always be some kind of anxiety related problems. I just play roulette sometimes , and I focus more on other things as well, which keeps me happy and make me earn more without being anxious.

But my journey with the roulette continues , as I will develop more focus. Remember , Patience is the key, Dont rush and dont bet soon without any knowledge. It will be a gambling, where you solely rely on your luck.
Take it as a life , Life is a game, Play it wisely.

In my gameplay, I dont rush putting the bets. I wait for the signal and calculate the risk. You can see, there was one or two times, I went max to 4 progression. The win was within 1 to 3 progression.
We all need to develop the patience. That is the key to all the success.

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