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The MOST Spins On Buffalo Diamond Slot Machine On Youtube! Huge Jackpot Hand Pay W/SDGuy1234

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  1. I know that was a big win bonus but with all
    Of those spins you should have gotten more. I woulda been pissed. (Yes I’m an angry gambler) 😏

  2. Congratulations 🤑🤑🤑 yeah you should have won waayyyyy more🤷🏾‍♀️

  3. Ring a ding , ding , ding 👍🤑🎉 nice handpay bud but it should have been way more for that many games . You did get screwed. Plus you didn’t hit any Buffalo all the way across and only had 2 big hits with the wolf’s

  4. DUDE !!! Where are my Buffalo Wings !?!? I saw them right on the machine

  5. and the 5 treasures slot…if you max bet it…then get the bonus…you aren't even guaranteed a win on the bonus.
    What! That has happened more times then I care to count. I wonder if it's because I'm playing the machine at an
    unregulated Indian casino v.s. Vegas slot. What are your thoughts?

  6. Hi sdguy…Great win…though I agree with you…I counted 114 non payouts during the original bonus…then I just stopped counting
    but by then you only had 5 to 10 more spins. That should have been filled with buffalo's all the way across with double multipliers.
    Glad you ended up with the hand pay though. Take Care.

  7. Looks like a fun slot.

  8. WOWZA! That was worth staying up all night for!! Congrats!!

  9. Dead spins for days! Probably about 120 dead ones in there. Still an amazing hit, but it definitely leaves you wanting more.

  10. What an awesome hand pay here in new Zealand the limits only 500 nothing over only unless u go to Auckland sky city

  11. That roughly worked out to only about $10.00 wins for each spin 😔

  12. well at least you got a hand pay but really ya it could have been more.

  13. Love your vid. Going in the morning to the casino in Louisiana. You are a hooooot

  14. When u broke 1k early thought u had 2k in the bag. U got screweded. 🤪

  15. Poke those eyes boss!

  16. Wow awesome Ilove yourchannel.

  17. that was craptastic! i cant believe you didnt get a single goddamn buffalo hit.

  18. You got effin screwed. It should have been at least 5K

  19. Wow you had like 1200 with 80 or 90 spins left, then the buffalos went extinct. Still awesome win

  20. Stick with Buffalo Deluxe Gold. I been to Dakota Magic every week last 4 weeks and won every time. Won over $300 a few times on .60 cent bent in the bonus round and regularly hit bonuses of $100+ on min bet.

  21. Definitely should've been hotter and hornier. 🔥🔥🔥

  22. They only time you can say you have been screwed is when you lose. A win is a win take it and be happy or give up gambling because the casino isn't in it to make you rich 😁

  23. Never got a handpay but got the 4x 100+ spins on minimum bet and won over $600.

  24. yeah u should have one more MERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  25. Have I got a hand pay on Buffalo Diamond? HA! Haven't even got a bonus on that piece of garbage. Congrats on the handy…agree, should have been bigger


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