100% Ultimate ROULETTE WINNING STRATEGY ♣️ Retrying the "All Black" Betting System.

I retry the “All Black” betting system, aka the “Ultimate roulette winning strategy” ( Betting on all black numbers ( straight & split ), so it’s a total of 18 black numbers, but there are also 4 extra red numbers, which are winning numbers as well. So, the total of winning numbers is 22, instead of only 18 if all bets were paced on all red numbers.

♣️ I tested and explained this strategy already on two previous videos :
➡️ Link to 1st video :
👉Video title : ( Roulette Strategy to win with “4 MAGIC NUMBERS”, 100% Best Chances to win improved ! )

➡️ Link to 2nd video :
👉Video title : ( Best Roulette Strategy to Win. Analyse and explications of the Best Betting System.. )



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