▀ Epic Dealer Reaction Casino Roulette Win – 7/3/2016 (Clip #12)

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Just as the dealer (George) was about to announce a loss, a funny expression appears on his face as he raises his eye brows then slaps himself in the face with a winning surprise.

I wanted to share this clip as it made me chuckle.
[spin #12: location: 13 minutes-in from full 52 minute clip @ 7:48GMT]

This spin was just one from my personal account, taken from my 50 minute *unlisted/private session from yesterday, which started at around 730am.

This particular session starts from a remaining balance of just under £4k in my betting account, initially just a cooling down/chill out session before I went to bed, after being up through the night with a *VIP/SS member account.

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