NO BUST Proceeds – Blackjack Strategy – Great or dud?? | Live Casino Blackjack Allow&#39s Play #9

NO BUST Proceeds – Blackjack Strategy – Great or dud?? | Live Casino Blackjack Let us Play #9

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  1. Thanks for watching! I promise this is the last time we do No Bust. I'm not a big fan and I'm ready to try another one 😤 — Alex

  2. Lol other BJ vids 30+ mins no bust not even 12 mins. What does that tell you # juststay

  3. Just believe

  4. Just stay

  5. Shoulda split the pair of 8's on the first hand!

  6. Greetings Alex, i played this system, i call the system NO BUST. PLUS.
    Any time the dealer is showing a 7/8/9/10/jack/queen / king or ace. and i have 12 or 13 i take one hit.
    All wins i let it ride one time i am looking to get paid 3 to 1
    Next time play my system TO see what happens.

    jaime from puerto rico U.S.A

    PS- Alex let me know when you are shipping my DICE LAYOUT, so i can be on the look out for the mailman….. Thank you.

  7. Timmy was in too good of a mood this video. I think he stopped by the dispensary before filming…

  8. First hand fail. You coudn't hit those 8's sure, but they are 8's.

  9. Please no more no bust 😩

  10. This strategy might work better with blackjack switch. Then you have the opportunity to switch cards and not hit. Might be worth a look??

  11. This system exists for people like David. Lol

  12. #Juststay (2:00)

    Timmy is funny…keep the karma. Alex struggles with breaking down the concept while Timmy is trying to enjoy the experience and is not allowing logic to dictate his moves (ex: not collecting profits during a rare string of wins)…just remember to breath through the strategy and enjoy the interesting concepts throughout the gambling world. ALL THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY…

    Keep the finger on the button. -Gonzo

  13. How do you improve this system? Don’t play it and IF you do, you can improve it by playing basic strategy lol

  14. Just keep staying just keep staying #juststay


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