The “James Bond” roulette strategy with the Zero, 1 Six line, and the 19 to 36.

The James Bond roulette strategy is performed by positioning ten wager models on the zero, fifty wager models on the six line masking figures 13 to eighteen, and one hundred forty wager models on the 19 to 36.
This strategy handles twenty five figures, and there are only twelve figures with no bets (from n°1 to n°12).
If the spin ball ends up on the zero, the player win 350 wager models, if on the six line it pays two 250 wager models, and on the 19 to 36, it pays two hundred eighty wager models.
The whole wager on this James Bond strategy is two 200 wager models.
This strategy can be risky in situation of consecutive loosing spins, at this time from number one to twelve.
Be mindful that in situation on 10 consecutive loosing spins, the player will unfastened 1000 wager models with this betting technique.
In situation of reduction, the player then can goes on flat betting to rebet the exact same bets, or goes on doubling like with the Martingale strategy but this can be perilous and finish up with consequent significant losses.
But as there are only twelve figures not coated by any wager, centered on precise roulette odds likely, the player has statisticly over two probabilities from 3 to get a profitable spin.
Myself I do not recommend to a roulette player to enjoy this strategy, as at my have impression, the loosing risk likely is too substantial. By the way, if seeking this James Bond roulette strategy, it is better to wager with modest amount of money as betting models, as it will minimize the brief and significant reduction likely with this strategy.
Below on this online video, I will test this James Bond strategy for a instant. But all depends of wheel spins which are totaly random.
A roulette player employing this strategy can get some brief winnings in situation on a serie of profitable figures spinned, but as opposit, it can goes promptly to a substantial reduction. It is up to the player to choose to enjoy with this strategy or not. Then all will depends of the serie of ball spins figures, but we can not forecast it.



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