App-Review: Gangstar Vegas (iOS / Android)

The best Open World Game for iOS and Android?

Gangstar Vegas is the fourth part of the well-known Gameloft Gangstar series. And even if Gangstar Vegas does not reinvent the genre of open-world games, Gameloft shows impressively how to make a good franchise even better. Gangstar Vegas is available for € 5.99 for iOS and Android.

In Gangstar Vegas you take control of Jason Malone, a professional mixed martial arts fighter who is fighting for the dubious underground boss Francesco in Las Vegas. Business is running good for Jason, but only until he wins a fight he should not win. Jason’s boss is pissed because he lost a lot of money. So Jason starts to run for his life. As Jason you team up with Mrs. Montello, another dubious figure in Vegas. Jason hopes to solve his problems with Francesco. However you first have to earn the confidende of your new partner in some of the 39 story missions. Sometimes you have to take part in underground races for your new friends, then get rid off some people, or you are given other dutys. Gangstar Vegas is just like its predecessors and the GTA-series not a soft game. Vulgarism and violence is omnipresent.

One thing is certain: you will not be bored in Gangstar Vegas. The city is nine times larger than in its predecessor, there are 38 different weapons you can collect 54 different vehicles – including motorcycles, boats and helicopters. You can upgrade your character and your weapons, play Blackjack or Poker or just cruise the city. You can participate in 39 story missions, 48 repeatable missions and 12 races. So you have a lot to do! There is a good navigation system that guides you through the city and during the pausing-screen you can access a map, which gives you a good overlook of Las Vegas. Here you can also see your character details, the weapons and the missions. Here you can purchase properties of Las Vegas and receive regular earning. If you want to make further progress in the story, you only need to select the next mission and one of the many well-made cutscenes will introduce the background of the mission.

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