Red Dead Redemption – Treasure Hunter outfit

To be able to start this off must first kill a member of the Treasure Hunter gang.

Scrap 1: “Search Silent Stead for the hidden scrap”. This hidden scrap is located in a abandoned house in Silent Stead just southwest of Rathskeller fork. When you find this house go inside and it is in a chest infront of you.

Scrap 2: “Complete the “California?” stranger task”. This is abit tricky and is the most time consumeing of the lot. The first meeting with Sam is just south of Gaptooth Breach you will find him sitting against a rock playing the harmonica. He will not apear again for a few day’s. Now you can wait and carry on with the game or you can continualy sit at your campsite in the wild. go to the save screen and exit again. Everytime you do this 6 hours of the day pass so you can keep doing this untill he turns up. You will meet him for the 2nd time sitting on the floor by the side of the road just north of Cueva Seca near Gaptooth Ridge. Again you must wait a few days before you can find him again. Now he is located in the little path cut through Gaptooth Ridge. You must again wait for a few days before you can meet Sam for the final time. He is now on the road just south of Tumbleweed looks like he didnt make it to Cali in the end. Loot his body to get a letter from his poket. Now take this latter to the office in Armadillo to complete this quest and get the 2nd scrap for this outfit.

Scrap 3: “Make a profit playing blackjack at Rathskeller Fork.” this is pretty self explanatory just go to Rathskeller Fork and play blackjack. Leave the game when you have more tokens than you stated with.

Scrap 4: “Claim a Treasure Hunter bounty alive.” The best place to find a Treasure Hunter bounty is at Rathskeller Fork. The bounty must be captured alive to get the scrap. If the bounty dies at any time during the mission just die and you will reload back at the start of the bounty and have a second chance.

Scrap 5: “Complete Gaptooth Breach hideout.” You get this scrap after you complete This hideout for the first time. You cant do this untill you have completed the first 3 jobs for irish.

Scrap 6: “Purchase at the tailor in Thieves Landing.” this is just a straight foreward scrap you walk in and buy the scrap for $150 i think.



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