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Best New Slots of June 2019

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Ten new and exciting games released in June 2019 which you might enjoy and want to try out yourself.

Featured Videos:
00:14 Tahiti Gold drops a big base game hit on Fruity Slots.
03:02 Nice base game hit for Slot Professor on Ignite the Night.
03:28 Will Slotspinner get that magic spin on LeoVegas Megaways?
06:10 Spintwix gets a good start on Raven’s Eye.
10:33 Vicky Ventura sends SpaM on a great treasure hunt.
12:46 What will Jamjarboy find in the Tome of Madness?
15:09 LetsGiveItASpin wins big on Rise of Merlin.
18:44 Beavis and Butt-Head take David Labowsky to the Desert.
21:52 Blackcatseven gets a huge hit on Mystery Spin Deluxe.
22:22 Will Nickslots tame the Raging Rhino?



  1. I have to slop past the sek and kr currencies now the poor editing

  2. Why does he do that weird thing with his foot 🤨

  3. Cthulhu in a slot machine?

    Who thought it was a good idea to divide by zero?

  4. I really like Ignite the Night. Great bonus concept

  5. I don't mind playing slots or watching people play slots online or off but when it comes to this kind of what I call "advertising" of slot big wins (confirmed with casinogrounds statement in the description saying "Ten new and exciting games released in June 2019 which you might enjoy and want to try out yourself") without any warning that gambling is addictive or anything of the sort (especially with casinogrounds knowing full well that gambling is addictive), I draw the line.

    Please do some kind of blurb in the description directing people towards help for gambling addiction OR have it in the video, not everyone in the world is strong and can walk away from slot machines. Be Responsible.

    Feel free to call me childish names in your replies, I don't really care.

  6. wow ravens eye payout is really shit xD
    2times nearly full screen top symbol and 23 other spins in free game (which are already insanely hard to get) and only 300x … wow "best new slot"

  7. Dude in first video sounds like napenthez dude that does fifa videos?

  8. Decent, decent 🙂

  9. Nice moobs nick, work out you fat prick 😛

  10. Don't be fooled people, these streamers/affiliates get preferential treatment from the casinos, as they generate business/customers, the average person would not get big wins as often as these guys, regardless of the stakes. Online casinos are a con, I've worked for 2 (which I won't name) and believe me it's true the slots can be rigged no matter how many times the streamers say they're not/can't.

  11. Please can I really money I am from India country please as soon as possible my answer

  12. First

  13. Mi bien vídeo CasinoGrounds!! Felicidades!

  14. Second!

  15. First


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