All Gambler Challenges Guide – Red Dead Redemption 2

There are 10 challenges you’ll need to complete to finish off the Gambler group of challenges. You progress can be tracked in the progress part of the main menu.

You need to complete a challenge before the next one becomes available, so they have to be completed in order. The rewards you’ll earn are listed below, you’ll need to travel to a trapper to buy equipment rewards.

00:57 – 01) Win five hands of poker – Gambler Holster
01:36 – 02) In blackjack, double down and win the hand five times – Dead Eye Increase
02:20 – 03) Win three games of five finger fillet – Gambler Bandolier
03:11 – 04) Bust one poker opponent out in each location – Dead Eye Increase
03:48 – 05) Win three rounds of dominoes without drawing any tiles against two or fewer opponents – Dead Eye Increase
04:53 – 06) Beat the blackjack dealer in all locations – Dead Eye Increase
05:19 – 07) Beat the five finger fillet player in every location – Gambler Gun Belt
05:58 – 08) Win three hands of blackjack with three hits or more – Dead Eye Increase
06:58 – 09) Win three games of dominoes in a row – Dead Eye Increase
07:43 – 10) Win three hands of poker in a row – Gambler Off-Hand Holster

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  1. i still don't understand challenge 9 with the dominoes, its freaking me out lol, only need 9 and 10 for 100% game completion, then i can concentrate on the 70 gold medals.

  2. wow, having to do #8 THREE times IS retarded, I thought u just had to do it once…it's 100% RNG

    EDIT:#8 I had a 5 card 22 bust, and a 5 card 18 push in my first 3 hands…just thought to myself "this is gonna be a motherfucker"…took me an hour and a half, with 12!!, 5 card 22 busts. and 8 5 card Pushes…I also had a 5 card 14, so I hit for 18, his card was an f'n 7..

  3. so tight on Gambler 5 it doesn't count if the table has 3 other people sitting at it…there's no Boneyard to draw from. but I won a game in four rounds and didn't even have to pass…tight as fuck Rockstar..tight as fuck

  4. Omg fuck this challenge, this is not even luck or lotto… I hit 3 cards on 20 and 21, both times pushed by the dealer ffs

  5. Got gambler challenge 8 in an hour and a half, must’ve got lucky like you, but I also left the table and rejoined basically every time I drew more than 10 to start. I got a lot of tries in that way.

  6. After I finally beat the emerald ranch domino dude 3 times in a row I ran to my horse selected the strongest shotgun and blew his head off then carried his corpse to feed it to the aligators. Really satisfying even though I might be a psycopath…

  7. Fuck I hate dominos! Just when I thought I was winning!! Blocked everybody with my 5s and then finished it off with a double 5… Nobody can play, feeling confident about it because I only have 2 tiles and everybody has 3 tiles and one guy has 4 tiles. This fucking guy with 4 freaking tiles has 7 freaking points!! I had 10. Dude already had 22 pts and got 47 more from that play 😫 streak busted! 😡😤

  8. 3 and a half hour to do gambler #8… Got my first one withing 5 minutes then 2&3 in the last half hour… Had many 5 cards but they all came up short at 15-16… Second one came to 21 and last one won a with 15… Another player had 16 and the dealer that 6 and a covered card… Once he flipped it he tied that other feller's 16 and had to draw another one… Dealer busted🎉🎉🎉😀

  9. More useless challenges… Oh gawd… Guess I'm gonna have to learn to play dominos properly if I wanna win 3 games in a row! There's just so much boring stuff to do for 100% completion omg!

  10. It took me 4 and a half hours to do Gambler challenge #8 lmao!!!!!

  11. Two tips about the Domino game: 1) hitch your horse before playing at Emerald Ranch. You might leave your third game to discover your horse was taken out by a train. 2) Try to corner your enemy such that they must play a tile that corresponds to one number. For example, if you have a lot of 5-tiles in your hand and see the opportunity to force your opponent to try to find a 5, take that opportunity! You might force them to draw tiles for a long while.

  12. Hey dude I just wanna say thanks for all the guides. I finally got the plat thanks to you and few other youtubers. Props and happy chasing


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