All Gambler Challenges Guide – Red Dead Redemption 2

There are 10 challenges you’ll need to complete to finish off the Gambler group of challenges. You progress can be tracked in the progress part of the main menu.

You need to complete a challenge before the next one becomes available, so they have to be completed in order. The rewards you’ll earn are listed below, you’ll need to travel to a trapper to buy equipment rewards.

00:57 – 01) Win five hands of poker – Gambler Holster
01:36 – 02) In blackjack, double down and win the hand five times – Dead Eye Increase
02:20 – 03) Win three games of five finger fillet – Gambler Bandolier
03:11 – 04) Bust one poker opponent out in each location – Dead Eye Increase
03:48 – 05) Win three rounds of dominoes without drawing any tiles against two or fewer opponents – Dead Eye Increase
04:53 – 06) Beat the blackjack dealer in all locations – Dead Eye Increase
05:19 – 07) Beat the five finger fillet player in every location – Gambler Gun Belt
05:58 – 08) Win three hands of blackjack with three hits or more – Dead Eye Increase
06:58 – 09) Win three games of dominoes in a row – Dead Eye Increase
07:43 – 10) Win three hands of poker in a row – Gambler Off-Hand Holster

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