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*Super Ultra Mega Jackpot Handpay* THE VOICE SLOT – 2 Wins – Giant Win And INSANE HANDPAY

Jackpot Winner: One of the biggest Handpays I’ve seen on YouTube on a penny slot. Nearly $13,000 Win!!! Max bet – must see win!!! My biggest win thus far on YouTube.

A few people have asked me if this is a real win. It is. If you look at the very end of the video you can see the handpay – call attendant screen.

UPDATE: proof this is a REAL win located here –

And if you came here because you like huge handpay wins, check out my second biggest win on YouTube:

UPDATE: Guys – I want to make an important point for people watching this and similar videos. This is a rare hit, perhaps a once in a lifetime hit for me anyways. I don’t want anyone to get the impression that gambling is a winning proposition for most people.

As an example, please see the following video I have uploaded:

This shows the same bonus on the Voice slot machine, also with the maximum of 20 spins. The results are drastically different. You can’t expect to always win even when you get the best bonus in the game! Just keep that in mind and gamble for fun not for profit!



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